Growth, innovation and job creation are strongly determined by regional actions and it is vital that these are guided by future perspectives, rather than the past [Clar 2003]. FOR_V4 aims to demonstrate the tangible benefits for business and the V4 region in adapting long-term, reflective visionary planning (foresight) as opposed to short-term, “fire-fighting” strategies. The FOR_V4 project will last 11 months and will have three main phases.


In phase one (months 1-4) partners will gather and share information about: 

-         corporate foresight status in their countries; ,  

-         best practice examples from their countries or abroad and

-         existing scenarios about the future of business sector in international perspective.


In phase two (month 5) partners will organise a V4 workshop meant to developing awareness of and learning-by-doing competence on foresight within the 12 (3/each country) participating V4 firms. Group work, discussion, on-site questionnaire survey will result in:  

-         4 response scenarios about the future of business from a V4 perspective,  

-         profile of a (V4) company who will most likely benefit from foresight,  

-         features of foresight offer tailored to the needs of V4 companies and  

-         evaluation of the foresight maturity level in participating companies.


In phase three (months 6 -12) partners will prepare:  

-         Corporate foresight potential in V4 publication, which will document the results achieved in the previous phases and 

-         fit for foresight© online tool, which will enable companies to quickly assess their foresight eligibility.


The FOR_V4 project will advocate the use of foresight among V4 entrepreneurs, will seed a foresight culture within individual companies and will build a foundation for strengthening the V4 business community voice in the EU and beyond.