We are pleased to inform that we have released the project publication entitled Corporate Foresight Potential in Visegrad (V4) Countries. The main purpose of this publication is to present the results of the research project Mobilizing corporate foresight potential among V4 countries. The monograph is addressed to business representatives, foresight practitioners and researchers as well as decision-makers and all interested in corporate foresight.

From the reviewer:

“…the use of corporate foresight could open the way for small as well as large business to play their role as critical change actors, in creating value, providing employment, optimally managing resources, and generating innovation. In these dynamics we can definitely identify a key driver for foresight-explored strategic change – a clear outcome from the book in question (...) Overall, the present book constitutes a very interesting, useful and innovative publication, being in itself a strategic change factor. We look forward to its continuation with the publication of fresh research results of the participants and their networks.”

Prof. Emmanuel Koukios 
National Technical University of Athens

Corporate Foresight Potential In Visegrad V4 Countries 

Publication outline