Upcoming Visioning Workshop and its Participants

Dear visitors 

in one month the FOR_V4 Consortium will implement the second phase of the project. 

It consists of a Visioning Workshop, as explained in the Project Description section.

12 representatives from companies from all the V4 countries will participate in the Workshop in order to learn by-doing competence on corporate foresight and help the experts developing scenarios for the V4 Region and profiling the best foresight solutions for the future-oriented needs of the companies of the region. The potential of foresight as the innovation enabler in companies has been spotted by SMEs and large enterprises, which showed the interest to participate in the Workshop.

Experts from all V4 countries will take part in the workshop in order to facilitate group work and discussion, and they will deliver background presentations and on-site questionnaire survey. All the participating experts will actively contribute to the two-day event providing their expertise and guidence for a successful future-oriented brainstorming experience for the V4 participating companies.

The Workshop will be held at the premises of the Technology Centre ASCR in Prague

Please, find here the Agenda of the event.

The Consortium will come back to you with a new section on the website, where you shall find all the information concerning the companies that eagerly showed interest for foresight and its business potential.