On 9-11th November 2016  The Corvinus University of Budapest - the Hungarian partner of the FOR_V4 presented the project results   at the congress entitled:  Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management (HALPIM) Congress, organised in Siófok.

Within this national dissemination event Dr Éva Hideg,  Dr Judit  Gáspár and Mr Tamas Demus  delivered the following presentation:  Foresight in business – current status and dilemma in V4 countries, familiarized 60 +  participants with the FOR_V4  results and distributed them the project publication.

The congress was organized by Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management. The main issues to discussion during the abovementioned event was growth challenges and opportunities, lean management and logistics excellence.

The other presentation of the project results entitled: A vállalati előretekintés/foresight helyzete és jövője a V4 országokban was delivered by Dr Éva Hideg at the Scientific Sub-Committee of Futures Studies within the Statistical and Futures Studies Committee at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Jövőkutatási Tudományos Albizottság). The seminar took place in Budapest on 9 December 2016.


For more specific information about abovementioned events please visit the links: http://www.ksh.hu/mta_sjtb_stabhttp://kongresszus.logisztika.hu or http://kongresszus.logisztika.hu/kongresszus



On 31th January 2017 the Faculty of Business Management of the University of Economics - the Slovak partner of the  FOR_V4 presented the project results  at  the following national dissemination event: Industry 4.0 and Corporate Foresight in Slovakia organised in Bratislava organised in Bratislava. Within this seminar Prof. Peter Markovic, Dr Brigita Boorová and Dr Klaudia Gubová delivered the presentation entitled "Corporate Foresight in Slovakia". Abovementioned experts also distributed the project publication and familiarized national stakeholders  with the main project results.

 For additional information and the seminar agenda, please visit the  link: https://fpm.euba.sk/aktuality/235-vedecky-seminar-industry-4-0-a-corporate-foresight-v-podmienkach-sr





We are proud to announce that we have released the project compendium entitled Foresight in the business sector in 4 languages of the project consortium. This booklet represents a practical tool for companies to get a quick introduction to foresight and its capabilities to provide a systematic and evidence-based support for identification of a strategic orientation of a company.

We are indebted to Terry Grim, of Foresight Alliance (http://www.foresightalliance.com/about/terry-grim/) who generously granted us the right to translate the Foresight Maturity Model (FMM) into V4 languages. Thanks to that, the Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak company managers are able to immediately assess current foresight capabilities within their organizations and set their future development goals.

All four language versions of the compendium can be downloaded here:

Foresight v podnikatelském sektoru
Foresight az üzleti szektorban
Foresight v podnikovom sektore
Foresight w sektorze biznesu

The compendium was supported in part by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) through a Standard Grant No. 21520129 entitled: “Mobilising corporate foresight potential among V4 countries (FOR_V4)”.


On 20th January 2017 Technology Centre CAS -  the Czech partner of the FOR_V4 presented the project results  at the  seminar: Supporting Tools for Strategic Planning and Decision-making in Small and Medium Enterprises organised in Prague.

During the seminar Mr Ondrej Valenta delivered the presentation entitled:  Foresight and Results of FOR_V4 Project. The participants of the seminar were familiarized with the main FOR_V4 project results and received the project publication.

This national dissemination event was organized by Technology Centre CAS mainly for medium and small companies aimed at improvement processes of decision-making in field of their activities.

For additional information, the seminar agenda and the photos please visit this   link: http://www.tc.cz/cs/akce/nastroje-podpory-strategickeho-planovani-a-rozhodovani-pro-male





On 5th December 2016 the Polish partner of the FOR_V4 presented the results of the project to national stakeholders at a national dissemination event: ECVET – European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training organised in Warsaw within the European Vocational Skills Week.

Anna Kononiuk and Anna Sacio-Szymańska delivered a presentation entitled: Foresight competences for managers at a session on Perspectives of development and validation of competences to 100+ conference participants.

We familiarized  the audience with the FOR_V4 project results and distributed the project publication.

The conference was organized by Foundation of the Development of Education System and co-organized by the Institute for Sustainable Technologies in Radom (FOR_V4 co-ordinator) and Polish Agency of the development of the Entrepreneurship. It aimed to equip the participants with the knowledge of perspectives of the development of the vocational competencies including relation between education,  industry and  employment.  

For further details and the conference agenda, please visit the following link: http://konferencje.frse.org.pl/ECVET-2016/article/program/lang:pl

You may read about the conference here: http://konferencje.frse.org.pl/ecvet-2016

The .ppt is available for download here: FRSE presentation