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The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute ( ITeE-PIB ) is a public research institute conducting basic and applied research in the areas of machine construction and maintenance, materials engineering, and manufacturing technologies. Its focus area concerns (i) Surface engineering; (ii) Tribology; (iii) Mechatronics; (iv) Control Systems; (v) Environmental technologies; (vi) Industrial Biotechnologies; (vii) Information technologies; (viii) Prototype and experimental production; and (ix)Innovation Management.

The scientific activity under the Innovation Strategies Department in cooperation with the Vocational Education and Training Department also revolves around the issues of corporate and technological foresight, technology assessment, knowledge and technology transfer, and lifelong learning and continuing education.

Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (TC ASCR)
is a non-profit special-interest association of legal entities. Technology Centre is a key national institution for the research and development infrastructure, and it carries out oriented research in the area of science, technologies and innovations. TC is also a source of current information about European research, development and innovation.
The Department of Strategic Studies
is a leading national research centre and a think-tank in the area of management and policy for research, development and innovation. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of strategic decision-making in research, development and innovation at the national, regional as well as European level.

The University of Economics in Bratislava is divided into seven faculties located in two campuses in two major cities in Slovakia, Bratislava and Košice, covering the entire area of economic education.

  The Faculty of Business Management offers applicants for studies three levels of education, within the framework of the Bologna Declaration (bachelor, master and doctoral).

 The Faculty is divided into five departments - Department of Business, Department of Management, Department of Corporate Finance, Department of Production Management and Logistics, Department of Information Management. The mission of the faculty is to prepare professionals for managerial positions in domestic or foreign companies, of any size and belonging to any industry.

 Nevertheless, the Faculty is committed in carrying out research activities and projects at both national and European level, and actively participates in events of the relevant scientific communities.

Corvinus University of Budapest
defines itself as a research university oriented towards education, where the scientific performance of the academic staff measures up to the international standard and the students can obtain a competitive degree having a standard and knowledge content identical to similar-profile universities and acknowledged on the European Union's labour market and on a global scale. In November 1996 the University became a member of the CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education).
The Faculty of Business Administration
is the centre for education and research in economics, financial management, management and organization, business, management sciences and management practice. The high quality of education offered by the Faculty is guaranteed by professional. Moreover, the Faculty of Business Administration is also member of PIM, EDAMBA, EFMD and CEEMAN.

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